Digital Marketing – What Does It Really Mean?


The first wireless signal is a radio which was invented in the 18th century. Shortly after this, live broadcasting comes into play and later follows the beginning of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the modern way of promoting brands, products, services or websites. To keep it simple, it’s a form of marketing through electronic devices that can be done online or offline. Digital marketing is moving faster in complexity and encompassing a variety of services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), graphic design, SMM (Social Media Marketing), email marketing, web design & development, PR marketing, graphic design, content marketing, podcasting, video marketing, local marketing, affiliate marketing, international marketing, mobile marketing broadcasting and other similar services that requires an electronic device in order to get through the process.

The majority of businesses with websites consider marketing through web campaigns. They are aiming to grab the attention of people in the marketplace and so they’ll come up with an effective and powerful plan whether it is going to be implemented in a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, of something they want to advertise or sell online. Through digital marketing processes, one can have the opportunity to be authoritative in search engines, social signals and other means of communication.

Let’s find out more about the most common types of services that digital marketing provides;

SEO – Search engine optimization is a web marketing technique that entails different internet marketing processes like link acquisition, content distribution, keyword research, blog outreach and on-page optimization to improve website’s position in search results such as Google. Users of this service needs to follow certain guidelines and updates to avoid penalties.

SMM – Social media marketing is another internet marketing practice that utilizes social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Gplus, etc. to promote brand, get followers, share interesting resources, build reputation and answer customer concerns. Companies can choose to boost their promotional effort and sales by obtaining paid or featured ads.

PPC – Pay per click is a paid advertising service where business owners or professionals are given by the search engines the opportunity to buy listings in search results for their offers and be easily found online just as how the usual websites appear in the organic search results.

Web Design & Development – is the process of creating a website to represent a company or establish an online presence along with other essential elements that people can navigate, read and make an engagement. Web development comprises two aspects, the front-end and back-end. Front-end development focuses on the design while the back-end deals with technical matters like page interactions and advanced programming.

Content Marketing – it’s about producing and distributing relevant content for various niches whether an article submission, guest post or press releases with a goal to promote a brand/service/product, provide tips and information, attract visitors to a website, build links and make profits.

Email Marketing – email marketing is a direct marketing strategy done through an electronic mail to contact prospects, send new updates and inform leads regarding the latest business trends. This technique is highly recommended to basically enhance the relationship between the consumers and merchants, encourage repeat business and improves brand promotion is a more personal way.

Importance Of Digital Marketing For Business

digital-marketing-2Digital marketing is not only a smart investment for entrepreneurs and professionals but also an effective marketing strategy that can greatly improve your business. It’s not only a rapidly growing industry in the present marketing innovation, but the future of business advertising that will soon replace the conventional branding system altogether.

More and more people are switching to digital means of communication and marketing because it is instant, flexible and streamlined. They look at its major benefits particularly in the socially driven community where the possibilities to visualize and execute a successful marketing approach is very high. So, it is no longer a surprise that once the progression in technology takes place, people can easily go with the changes and adapt in the digital era. Besides, digital provides just as much opportunities to brand marketers and business owners as it does to customers. Let’s dig deeper with further benefits of digital marketing for businesses.

  1. It is essential for a business because it helps in establishing more engaged channels with potential leads and existing clients for a considerably cost-effective amount.
  2. With strategically implemented digital marketing plan, you can now compete with big brands unlike before where such ideas have not been materialized for many years due to the restrictions of traditional marketing system.
  3. It saves you money. We all know how expensive a traditional marketing is that could hurt businesses that are just starting out. With modern marketing, you can save hundreds of dollars by doing your business online.
  4. It’s easier to track your progress. You can use tools to measure and analyze your business progress, issues, engagement and customer behaviors.
  5. Your business will be accessible in multiple devices and platforms so people can easily find you anytime, anywhere.
  6. Because your competitors are using it. If you want to go with the competition and analyze what successful companies are doing, you must be willing to exert some effort, time and money with the best marketing methods as such.
  7. It is real time. Every click, visit, sales, engagement, complaints, etc. happens in real time and can be tracked instantly through metrics, data, analytics and other tools available.
  8. A well developed and designed website with a good company logo, quality content, effective copy and beautiful graphics can provide considerable value to the targeted audiences.
  9. With social networks and share buttons available on your business page, your products and services can be easily shared by everyone to anyone.
  10. It gives you the opportunity to connect and promote worldwide, great if you are planning for business expansions.
  11. It generates higher conversion rates and ROI for your campaigns.


In this modern generation, more and more people rely on digital communications and online transactions. More so, small, medium and big companies are beginning to realize the importance of digitizing their brands, products and services to go with the competitions and market demands. As an entrepreneur, you know your business very well and you’ll be the one to evaluate whether digital marketing is relevant to your niche and targeted market. If you don’t have the bandwidth to handle digital marketing, you can hire an SEO company and outsource the services.

About the author:

Francisco Leon, currently he is responsible as Seo Lead for the internationalization strategy on Spanish Markets at Shopify.