Why Hire An SEO Consultant Over A Digital Marketing Agency

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It has been said before. “Two heads are better than one”. It is an old saying that is now referred to as a cliché.

Is more heads better than just one too when it comes to digital marketing? Will you need many heads to make sure your website gets the exposure it needs to last in the industry?

Contrary to popular belief that a group gets the job done faster than an individual, it is also very likely for an expert to outdo an agency. That is given the fact that the SEO consultant to be hired is an expert indeed—with all the right skills and expertise about your line of business.

Tools and skills being the only clinchers in whether it is better to hire an SEO consultant rather than a digital marketing agency, we can still find it hard to arrive at a decision in such short notice. It is best to still check our options and see what each of them can provide. If we already have a concrete idea about what they can offer the company, that is when we can really decide.

While we are comparing them, it should also be noted that they are not very different from each other. They can do the same job, but perhaps not in the same quality and speed. It is very important to know what sets them apart so that after you have decided, your expectations can be reasonable and achievable.

Advantages of Hiring An SEO Consultantseo-consultant-specialist

  1. If you will really focus on SEO and improving your website’s ranking in search engines, then by all means choose an SEO consultant over a digital marketing agency. Strictly speaking, an SEO consultant is an expert in optimizing websites to increase online presence and generate more traffic, which eventually will be turned into sales.
  2. Hiring an SEO consultant will save you time that would supposedly be spent on searching for strategies that can make your website more popular to make the cut on the first page results. It will allow you to spend your time on other things that are equally important to your business growth.
  3. You get personalized attention, because he/she will be specializing on a project that is yours. It will be easier to get the message across, most especially when it comes to your ideals and objectives. Dealing with just one person, who already is an expert in his craft, is way easier than having to deal with an entire team of marketing people. In that team, it is highly possible that there will be clashes among its members. Those are the things you need not worry about when you choose an SEO consultant over a digital marketing agency.
  4. If you are the type of person to cultivate long term relationships with your vendors, you are to achieve that if you hire an SEO consultant. They are easier to get along with because they are their own persons.
  5. If you’re looking to hire an SEO consultant because of his/her portfolio and achievements, it is all the more preferable and an advantage that they can be hired as individuals, not just a part of a team. Their expertise will shine more, to your website’s advantage because they have only you to answer to; unlike when they are part of a team and have to take everybody’s opinion into consideration.
  6. The timeframe is followed better when you are just dealing with a single consultant. Given that you talk about your deadlines and you do the necessary follow ups, it is highly likely that deadlines are achieved effortlessly.
  7. An SEO consultant who has been in the business for many years will have the skills of a startup digital marketing agency. Chances are, newbies in the business are still learning the tricks of the trade, which we know cannot be done overnight. Hiring an SEO consultant gives you the security that your project will not be done as a practice test for junior interns. You are sure you get what you pay for, and that you will also be reaping the results you’re looking for.
  8. Digital marketing agencies have tons of clients, and usually, the big ones are more prioritized over the others. This is a very well-known fact in the industry. Startup companies needing more attention do not get what they deserve. Usually, the smaller budget package you avail from an agency, the smaller attention they give your campaign.
  9. SEO consultants are not called experts for no reason. They have the skills, tools, experience, and expertise, which made them who they are today. They are more flexible with their projects, and are easier to hit rapport with. Even when you want to maintain a professional business relationship with them, rapport is also vital to keep things going smooth sailing.
  10. Hiring an SEO consultant is healthier for your mind. When you have lesser people to deal with, you have lesser stress to deal with.


Just put it this way, when a person is about to get into a surgery, he will go to a specialist, not a team of doctors. A master mind is better than a lot of minds.

Focusing in your website traffic and search engine ranking needs a consultant who can do them best. Digital marketing agencies are not bad at all, but they do not concentrate on SEO alone. If you are after your SEO ranking, then it is only natural that it is an SEO consultant you need.

Not all digital marketing agencies specialize in SEO marketing. It has to be noted that there are a lot of internet marketing channels available now. The more they have does not make them the master of more. It is still better to go with an individual who has become a pro in his job due to his experiences and skills gained over the years.

Hiring an SEO consultant takes a lot of stress from you. You can save time, which you can now spend on other things that can also bring growth to your company. Lead conversion, web design, maintenance, etc. Maintaining a business is not always a cup of tea. It takes a lot of hard work, which is why you need as much as help from an expert as you can get.