Skills Digital Marketing Hires Must Have To Succeed

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It is no secret how digital marketing is so much a game changer in the entire business world. It is all the rage now, and do not look like it will ever grow out of style anytime soon. The effect it has in how we do business is insatiable, and IT professionals are still on their way to make improvements that will make digital marketing even easier and more effective.

In the rise of e-commerce, SEO, and many other digital marketing platforms, there is also a natural rise in the number of recruitments that focused on online marketing. It is now among the most sought after professions, as it also paved the way for new digital marketing agencies, along with telecommuting and home-based jobs.

Because of the reality of how in-demand digital marketing positions are today, the competition is going even tighter every day. There is now a question if recruiters are now eyeing on modifying qualifications before shortlisting and actually hiring an applicant eventually.

What are the must-have skills of digital marketing hires in order to be successful? Is technical know-how all it takes to make the cut?

  • Great attention to detail.Digital marketing has a wide range of fundamentals. It is a huge web of information on its own, and can pretty much overwhelm the rest of us. There are plenty of subjects to master, and also quite a lot of details that must be focused on. Attention to detail is important because when you make a mistake in a meta tag or lost your focus on your links, it can pose serious harm to a company. It is vital to concentrate on the job and make sure you do not overlook anything.
  • Sales skills, expertise preferred. Sales and marketing are two different things, but they are intertwined and correlated with each other. They might have different definitions, but one simple cannot exist without the other. A digital marketing hire should be well-versed in sales and all its forms. Upselling is a preferred skill, and it would be great if an applicant has years of experience to boot when it comes to selling. Several studies show that people who sell successfully are more effective in marketing, because they understand the power of promotions and persuasion.
  • Expertise in at least one marketing channel. Since the birth of digital marketing, channels have multiplied to dozens. Now there is so much more to learn. The recruiters, on the other hand, are only looking for at least one expertise among all available channels. An ideal digital marketing hire is a pro in either search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay per click (PPC) system, social media marketing (SMM), or any of the others. Whichever is the big player in the business you want to join should be your area of expertise. Take the time to learn it, as it is apparently an imperative in the industry.
  • Data analysis skill. How do you actually analyze a data? There could be a hundred ways to do it, and how you actually do it is what matters. One of the things recruiters look at is what an applicant does with the big data. Now that data analysts are needed in digital marketing, it is where creativity meets science. An applicant must know how to properly digest a data to make it beneficial for the company.
  • Email marketing skills. Email campaigns are still on the rage now. They have been at it for quite some time, and do not look like they will be outdated any time soon. It is essential for companies to hire an email marketing expert, because it is still one of the primary channels of communication in the digital world. While many think that social media marketing has taken email marketing’s place in the ladder, the big names in the business still vouches for its worth. Email is still best for close communication with your most loyal patrons.
  • Social media skills. It is not enough that you can use and navigate social networking sites, as it is now a norm even for non-marketing people. What matters is an applicant is well-versed in using social media for business. How to boost a post, the knowledge of how long it takes to see results of social media marketing, how to optimize your social networks to make it more business-like, etc. Social media marketing sounds so easy, but there is more to that. It is filled with hidden business features that only pro marketing people can identify.
  • Drip marketing knowledge. In real estate and sales businesses, drip marketing is highly utilized. Not a lot of marketing professionals seem to hit the right balance when it comes to drip campaigns, as it can really be tricky to do so. Knowing how to gradually convert a lead to a sale is a long term project, and is vital for a digital marketing hire to be an expert in this.
  • Objective thinking. Passion is what drives most companies to the top. It is also what sets the big names apart from the ones still climbing up the ladder. In digital marketing, your passion for your job is what will make you thrive. When a person is passionate about his work, it shows on the end results. That is always what a digital marketing agency needs—results to speak for itself.


Digital marketing can be complicated because of its many branches and whatnots. There is a huge package to open and learn about, as each aspect is just as equally essential as all the others. Focus on each fundamental, and really take the time to know about it as much as you could. Your knowledge, experience, and expertise will pave the way for you to finally get your ideal marketing job.

While the competition to get the job can be daunting, your skills will surely get you through. Make an effort to be updated with marketing trends, marketing channels, and all other things that you know for a fact will be helpful for you to bag that job.

Above all the skills listed, it is most important for an applicant to be skilled with people. How people tick, what they need, how to persuade them, how to convert them. When you have this, plus the passion for excellence in all that you do, then you know that you were made for a digital marketing career. Search_engine_optimization